What’s the general process for buying office furniture?

Buying office furniture can seem difficult however, we have specific guidelines to ensure everything goes smoothly for each client.

  1. Establish what your employees need to function. Example: Call Center, Managerial, Private Offices etc.
  2. Create a budget for what you’re willing to spend on the office furniture.
  3. Space plan in the office furniture that fits your needs and budget into your floor plan.
  4. If all goes well and you’re happy with the layout, price and furniture we will send an invoice.
  5. After the deposit is received we begin the project management phase of your project. This includes us working with your GC, electrician, property manager and facility manager to schedule your installation, electrical work and low voltage (data).
  6. After the product arrives and has been installed our installer will walk the space with you and ask you to sign off on the installation.
  7. Job complete.

Please note: After the deposit is received the client does not have to be personally involved in the project management phase of the order. We take care of everything for you from start to finish. We will be behind the scenes making sure the job goes smoothly. If we catch an error with the product or spot a scheduling conflict we will attempt to resolve the issue without including the client, if possible.