Herman Miller Aeron Chair

SKU: 91483

$575 each

Brand: Herman Miller
Color: Carbon, Graphite
Size: B


Pre-owned Aeron Task Chairs Available Now – Herman Miller Aeron chairs are one of the most sought after task chairs available and are very hard to find pre-owned. Aeron task chairs are known for their design, ergonomics, and name.  This chair retains its value over time offering innovative and iconic design for your cubicle, private office, and boardroom.  Worried about needing a chair part? Aeron chairs rarely break, but if they do we have access to (OEM) parts for easy repairs.  Aeron chairs sell out fast.  If you don’t see the quantity you need, check back soon as we are always updating available stock.  There is a minimum order requirement for Aeron chairs.  When placing an order for cubicles you can order Aeron chairs with your order.  If you want to order chairs only, there is a minimum order requirement of (20) chairs.  We ship nationwide.

Finish + More Details:
Aeron Task Chair, Size B
Pellicle Classic Seat Back and Seat Pan, color Carbon (3D01)
Patented Body Conforming Mesh, Breathable
Kinemat Tilt Natural Pivot of Ankles, Knees and Hips
Adjustable Pneumatic Seat Height
Adjustable Back Tilt Resistance
Adjustable Height Arms, Black Arm Pads
Adjustable Lumbar Support, Height and Depth
Hard Carpet Casters
Black Yoke
Frame and Base, color Graphite
Tilt Functions: Standard Tilt, Adjustable Tilt Limiter, Adjustable Forward – PREMIUM GRADE

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Herman Miller


Carbon, Graphite